The 2016 Ross Investment Competition is scheduled for October 13-14. See below for competition rules and schedule:



The Ross Investment Competition leverages the judging panel to create a list of investment options. This approach is value added for all parties. Participants pitch relevant investment options determined to be of importance in the investment management space. Judges are pitched investments that are meaningful to them.

Investment options from the judges will be compiled into a single list and sent to all registered participants on Monday, October 3, 2016. Each team will select one investment option to pitch at the competition.

The competition consists of two rounds. All teams will present during the first round. Selected teams from the first round will advance to the final round, where they will pitch one of three investment options.

Monetary and corporate prizes will be given to the winners and second-place finishers of the final round. 


Additional competition rules will be submitted to all registered participants prior to the competition.

Please review the FAQ for additional details, including information on the types of investments and presentation format.